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cement/concrete help

I have a back porch, 16x9 ft, under my roofline and part of my foundations footprint i'm looking to close in and totally finish.  It currently has a 4 inch drop when stepping out of the house and i'd like to raise that up to be level with the height of everything else so that it's a smooth transition, so looking to see how feasible it would be to do it myself and had a few questions.  I've heard this being called 'capping' but haven't found this specific project anywhere on youtube, etc.


I guess the first quesiton would be, considering the size of the area (a 144 sf square) would doing it by portable electric mixer even be advisable, considering the amount of time needed to mix, etc??  keeping in mind the outer edges which would be 1 nine ft run and 1 sixteen ft run are going to need to be perfect in order to support framing and walls.


Should it be reinforced either with reebar or big concrete nails, maybe with some of that fencing laid down, etc??


Best type of concrete/cement for this?  I'm in N. Florida.


Or,, should i just hire a pro or semi-pro that could really use the work?



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Posted 2010-12-23T04:06:06+0000  by ti30x ti30x