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chainsaw chain replacement

how do I replace a chain on my chainsaw and know I have it right?

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Posted 2012-10-26T14:07:09+0000  by mpiggy mpiggy

Greetings MPiggy and welcome to the How-To-Community!!!


When it comes to changing the chain on your chain saw, depending on what brand you have will determine how quick it takes to change out the blade.  The first thing you need to do is take the bar and chain off your machine.  There is usually a nut or 2 on the side of the machine that holds the bar on.  Once this is removed a plastic shield will pop off to expose the rear sprocket of the chain saw.  If you have used the chainsaw a lot you will see a buildup of saw dust and cuttings caked up under the shield.  Clean all of this off before you go place the bar back on and tighten the nuts up.


I have found a great picture that shows which side is up and which side is down.  The portion in red will be the part that goes into the bar.  The section in the green is the cutting part that should be faced up.


When you go to purchase a new chain, remember the size of the bar and the brand.  This will make picking up a chain a lot easier.  The chains vary in size, so feel free to bring in the old one to match it up.  To make sure the saw is cutting correctly makes sure that the resivore for the bar and chain oil is filled.  This will keep the blade lubricated and it makes an easier cut for the saw.

bar and chain oil.jpg

If you run into any problems or have any questions feel free to write back.

Posted 2012-10-26T15:32:13+0000  by FlyingHDsod

Hi mpiggy,


FlyingHDsod is right on and has some great pictures.  One thing I would add when replacing the chain on your chainsaw is to make sure that the cutting part of your chain is facing the right direction.  Unfortunately the chain will go on either way, but if you put it on backwards, it will not cut.  I have seen this many times with some of my customers who are not familiar with the operation of a chainsaw.


If you are looking at your chainsaw from left to right, the left side is the engine and the right side is the bar and chainsaw blade.

Homelite chainsaw.jpgHomelite Chainsaw front view.jpg

In the above pictures, the sharpened portion of the blade should be going from left to right in the first picture and back to front on the second picture.

Chainsaw bar.jpg

Chainsaw blade direction.png

If your new chain is is not cutting, chances are that you put it on backwards.  Remember, when holding the chainsaw, the cutting portion of the blade should be facing away from you, traveling from the back of the chainsaw  to the front tip of the chainsaw.  As the blade rounds the tip of the bar, the cutting part of the blade will come in contact with the material you are cutting.



Let us know if we can be of further assistance.


This has been another of,


Posted 2012-10-26T18:21:23+0000  by Rick_HD_OC

  mpiggy  Glad you asked that question , as  it is very easy to  create a mass of expenses with the incorrect chain on a saw .

First check the  bar on the saw , or  in the paper work that came with the saw (if it was a recent purchase).you should see something that lookes like this ... You will notice the  numbers     16  , 3/8  , .050 and  55 .  These numbers indicate that the bar being used on the example saw is  16 inches in length   is designed for chains with a 3 /8 inch pitch  and a .050  ( fifty thousandths  of an inch  wide )  drive link  and the chain  for this specific bar has 55 links .  EVERY BAR manufactured  to the modern standard had this information stamped into the bar itself , and this information should be supplied  with the owners manual and or paperwork with a new chainsaw . The photo of the small section of chain gives a little detail of the parts of the chain  . There are a large  assortment of items to explain  and chit chat about when it comes to  chains . ie chisel tooth , semi chisel or round cutters , the proper method of sharpening  and plenty more . The two main parts to be comcerned with  , while using a chainsaw are the drag link and the cutters , Both parts  control  your saws cutting ability. If the saw is  cutting a fine dust  , almost a powdery substance , then the drag links will need to be  filed a little , all the way around the chain .  In the event your saw is cutting  a crooked cut   ( the cut will  curve as if the saw is cutting a circle  across the tree ) then one side of the chain is sharper than the other and should be   resharpened ,  when this occures it is often a good ideah to have the chain sharpened by a service center  that uses an electric grinding  machine to sharpen chains . Hope this helps , Best of Luck and  Always .. Please Put Safety First.

Chain Link Names 2.png

Chainsaw Bar Identification.JPG

Posted 2012-11-05T05:13:40+0000  by David_B
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