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charcoal grill

how do i season a grill

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Posted 2013-02-18T22:03:03+0000  by jenny48 jenny48

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Grills improve with use. Each time you cook on a grill, be it a gas or charcoal grill, it becomes more and more seasoned.

Seasoning provides flavor and protection that builds each time you fire up your grill. The oils from the food and marinades will evenly coat the grill surfaces as you cook.


When your grill is new, a light application of cooking oil applied to the inside surfaces can speed the seasoning process. Spray a cold grill, with the burners turned off. After you coat the inner surfaces, light the grill and bring it to medium temperature and then let the grill cool down. This will “set” the seasoning.


After this initial seasoning process is performed, cook on your grill. Empty the grease trap often and watch for grease buildup under the burners.


When the grill becomes excessively hot, some of these oils could ignite, so burn off the grill periodically to reduce excessive grease buildup.


Cast iron cooking surfaces may be porcelain coated. If so, no seasoning is necessary. If they are not porcelain coated, evenly coat them with shortening (Crisco, the white stuff) or bacon grease. Place them in an oven or on the grill for 1 hour at 350 degrees. Allow them to cool completely before cooking on them.


After cooking, heat up the cooking surface and scrub it with a wire grill brush to clean. Re-apply shortening or bacon grease as it cools down.


The more you use your grill, the better it will get.




Posted 2013-02-19T15:51:32+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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