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closet is hot because the elevator is behind it

the closet in my apartment is about 80 degrees or more when you open it. I was told this was because the elevator is directly behind it I am afraid to hang or store anything in it What can I do ?

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Posted 2011-03-30T01:36:27+0000  by unsure unsure

Greetings and welcome to our community,


My name is Tom, known here on-line as HD 116. I must admit that in my many years of experience in construction, remodeling and property management, your question is a new one. 


I see no reason not to use the closet for storage of clothing or other "non-food" items at a temperature higher than room temperature, say from 80-85 degrees F. If you would like to make the closet closer to "room" temperature, I would suggest insulating the closet.


There are a couple of ways to do it affordably. Just like a two pane window, adding air between two dissimilar temperate zones creates an area of insulation. In the case of windows, the air and any moisture content is removed by a vacuum process and replaced with a gas such as argon so that no moisture forms between the glass when temperatures vary.


In your case you could create an air gap through the use of a insulating foam board cut to size and fitted to the back wall of the closet. The foam has air gaps or pockets through out which have an insulating property. The other option would be to build out the wall using furring strips and then adding a layer of drywall to the back of the closet. Considering this is an apartment I would simply cut the foam board to size to avoid any problems later with the apartment management company. To even better insulate the space you could leave a small gap between the foam and the wall.


I hope that helps and congratulations on your new apartment.

Posted 2011-03-30T13:46:58+0000  by HD116
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