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concrete garage floor and walls?

what is the paint to use on garage floor, concrete never been painted?

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Posted 2013-05-03T23:48:48+0000  by dkwelch dkwelch




Where ultimate reistance to wear  and petrochemcals is desired, nothing beats the two-part epoxy systems, such as those by RustOleum or Behr. These are catalyzed products which form an extremely hard, plastic like coating on the garage floor. What product that is not used will be a solid block of plastic in the can the next morning!


Epoxies are highly resistant to the petrochemicals which might drip from your car. Your tires are also oil derived and frequently cause lesser finishes to fail. Cars are brought into the garage while hot and dirty. Most people park in the same place every day. Where the tires sit often fails.


The curing of these products is determined by air temperature. Generally, they need floor tempertures of about 65 degrees. Cold dramatically slows or even stops the curing. Heat speeds it up. Both products come with instructions as to dry/cure times and what to expect at different temperatures.


In general, you have about 3 hours of working time. The product is applied much like a normal paint with a brush and roller. Both kits included optional colored speckles which may be strewn into the wet epoxy.


The most important thing by epoxy application is to etch or abraid the concrete to assure adhesion. This can be done either by an acid wash, or by physically grinding the surface. Both kits include a packet of acid crystals to be used in etching the surface. Grinding machines can be rented at the HD rental centers. The pros who specialize in such floor coatings usually opt for the grinding method.


There are minor variations between the RustOleum and Behr systems. Your local HD Paint Associate can point out which might be most advantageous to you.


As to your garage walls: Garage walls are painted in much the same manner as other interior walls. If the walls are still of bare drywall, they should be sealed with a dedicated drywall sealer. What paint sheen is chosen for the walls is a matter of how you intend to use the garage and how "finished" you intend the garage to look. If you wash your car in the garage, you will want a higher gloss, more water resistant type paint finish.  If you are not trying to get the garage to look like your living room, a flat paint will hide minor imperfections in the drywall.


Home Depot has a range of paints and prices ranging from economically "brightening the place up", to making it look like a show room. Of course, pre-paint finishing of the drywall has a big effect as to what the end result is. Many times garages are not fully finished taped, but only taped enough to meet fire codes. A really top notch job would include completeing the taping and possibly spraying on a texture.



Hope this has been of assistance.

Posted 2013-05-04T05:10:21+0000  by ordjen
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