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concrete staining

We had a mud room built, and cement floor was sealed and now I want to stain it, are there any problems with staining over the sealed surface? Will I have to apply something to it before I try to do the stain?

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Posted 2013-02-18T17:02:26+0000  by dannegill dannegill





It depends on the nature of the sealer that is on the floor. If water beads on the surface of the concrete, no concrete stain will penetrate. Indeed, you will probably have problems with getting ordinary floor paints to adhere. In this case, cleaning and acid ectching of the floor would be in order, or abraiding of the surface with a floor grinding machine.


Once the concrete has been cleaned enough so that water no longer beads, conventional concrete products can be used.


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Posted 2013-02-18T17:32:14+0000  by ordjen

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Great additions deserve a special treatment on the floors!


Behr Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain is a penetrating sealer that will both add color and seal the surface.


Because it is a penetrating sealer, you'll have to remove the existing sealer before applying the stain.


Use Behr Cleaner Etcher to open the pores on the cement.


It is an acid, so be certain to wear protective clothing, acid gloves, and eye gear.


After cleaning, a shopvac will help remove the cleaner and subsequent rinse. Plan to rinse with fresh water several times to remove all of the corrosive from the floor. And, be careful to properly dispose of the shopvac contents ... which will include acid.




Select several successively darker colors, then one at a time place them into your pump-up garden sprayer. Set the tip to a stream (instead of spraying a wider fan).


Start at one edge; loop your hand as you back up ... spraying a stream of your base color in irregular patterns on the floor.


Your helper should roll the color randomly into the floor using a 3/8th nap roller on a pole.


You are not trying to make a uniform coating. Rather you should end up with heavier and lighter areas, including uncoated gaps in many areas.


Clean your tools and allow this coat to dry at least four-hours.


Using your next darker color, follow the same process ... beginning to fill the uncoated gaps as well as blend slightly over the existing first color.


You should still have just a few much smaller uncoated areas.


Clean your tools and allow this coat to dry at least four-hours.


Then apply your final, darkest color by randomly spattering the areas not yet covered.


Your faux floor should look like the irregular surface of stone ... mottled with colors randomly overlapping.




Semi-transparent concrete stain creates a water-repellant surface.


However, you might add another layer of protection by rolling a coat of Behr Wet-Look Concrete Sealer.


This product also comes in a low-lustre finish.




If you prefer a uniform-color concrete floor, use Behr Solid Color Concrete Stain.


Application and benefits are very similar.

Posted 2013-02-19T13:02:22+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

RustOleum also has a 2 Part Epoxy Clear Coat which can be used to give an "acid washed" look.  RustOleum tints are added to the clear epoxy to give a transparent , mottled look.  From a durablity standpoint, an epoxy cannot be beat. Of course, it is its own sealer, forming an extremely durable plastic coating over the entire floor.

Posted 2013-02-19T16:59:56+0000  by ordjen
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