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connecting an intermatic switch to a 5 switch box

I removed the old switch which had 2 wires connected in the top(Black and Red) and one connected into what is labeled common.

The intermatic switch has a black a blue a red and a green. Obviously the green is ground and the red wont be used as it is a single pole single throw switch(not a three way switch)

I think I did this right and just want verification

I connected the black to the black that was by itself on the bottom and the blue I connected together with the red and black from the top. I am assuming the red is simply a jumper to the next switch.
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Posted 2016-07-17T15:02:43+0000  by zidge zidge
The old switch is a ordinary toggle type switch, not some kind of timer or dimmer?  If so, an ordinary single pole switch would have only two screws, top and bottom.  If you have two screws on the top (on opposite sides of the switch) and one screw on the bottom, that sure sounds like a three way switch, especially if one is labeled "common."

Now a 3-way switch could be used as an ordinary switch or perhaps to give an extra screw to "jump" power to the next switch but it seems like odd way to go about it.  Maybe that's all the person who installed the switch had handy - normally one would pig tail to pick up power for another device.

With all of that said, if you new switch is functioning properly, I wouldn't worry about it.
Posted 2016-07-17T23:05:32+0000  by Adam444
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