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copule paint questions

hi everyone

last year I painted one of the bedrooms in saturated peach color in semigloss finish as it was recommended for children bedroom.  I want to change color to a light greenish-blue in sain or eggshell finish.  I do not want to prime unless it absolutly needed.  Is it possible to paint over darker color with lighter one without darker color seeping through?  Also I do nto want to sand walls to take gloss off.


And second issue :  I am painting my cabinets, i got benjamine moore advance paint, primed wood with zinsser 123 primer and today finaly began to paint bathroom cabinets.  I got shur line foam roller and purdy angled 2'' brush.  When I applied paint with a roller, surface got covered in small popped bubbles.  It is my first attempt at painting and I do not know if this is normall and paint will self level as it dries?  I did only back of the doors but do not want to deal with this problem when I paint fronts.




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Posted 2013-03-09T20:23:42+0000  by lovedilu lovedilu



When rolling cabinets with a foam roller, I always " back brush" with a quality paint brush.This helps alleviate the typical "dipple" that rollers tend to leave and also helps burst any bubbles. The brush must be loaded with paint as if you were only applying the paint with the brush. Use of the product "Floetrol" will also help lessen problems with bubbles in that it increases the wet time of the paint. This allows more time for the paint to level out and for bubbles to take care of themselves.


As to your color change: a  paint color mixed from a "white base", or Ultra Pure White, in the case of Behr paint, will cover almost anything in two coats or less


You have two factors working against you: the semi-gloss, which is already on the wall, means that the walls are very well sealed. A well sealed wall will not suck in as much paint, and thus, will not cover as well. Also, the slick semi-gloss tends to encourage brush marks and "roller skid marks" more than the rougher surface of flat paints.

Lastly, you are not staying in the same color family. Indeed, you are the opposite on the color wheel. Any light reflected back out through the paint is the wrong shade.


When painting "touchy" colors, quality brushes and roller covers become extremely important. A dense, quality roller will lay down the paint much more evenly than a cheap economy roller.


Painting technique becomes more important when using touchy colors: Your goal is to carry a "wet edge". You never want to be rolling back into paint which has already dried or begun to set up. Do your "cutting in" and rolling simultaneously,bringing the paint down the wall at the same time. The technique of cutting in the whole room first and then rolling the main wall is NEVER a good idea. It results in thicker coats around the edges which show up as denser color and a shinier paint film at the edges. I see supposed "painters" , especially on the home shows on HGTV television, doing this all the time and it drives me crazy!


Hope this is of help to you. Good luck with your project.

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Posted 2013-03-10T16:18:29+0000  by ordjen

Hi Natasha! :)   Welcome to the painting community.


   Painting over most colors either dark or light will usually require several coats to properly cover. The Home Depot paint department has a great all in one paint/primer called BEHR ULTRA that I am very impressed with.  I had used the paint brand that you described for many years and was convinced that they were the best.  Then I tried the BEHR ULTRA and was instantly won over - It out performed the paint I was using and blew me away with how well it adhered to the surface.


   As far as the "bubbles" in the paint; when using a foam roller - always roll the paint slowly (rolling fast creates the bubbles), wait about two minutes and lightly roll one more time.  Also, brush tight spots that the roller can't reach first and then roll.

Posted 2013-03-10T15:45:48+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL


thank you for your reply!

Is Behr Ultra will cover darker color in two coats?  I used Glidden spread 2 in 1 for all my walls and it is as well primer and paint in one.  I never tried Behr, but in your opinion Behr would be a better choice to go over more saturated color? And as for gloss in a finish, do i need to sand it for better adhesion or Behr Ultra in flat aor satin finish would be fine sticking to a semigloss wall?


Thanks for a roller tip, patience is not my strongest trait, I'll try to slow down :)

Posted 2013-03-10T22:55:12+0000  by lovedilu


thank you a lot for a detailed reply!

I don't quiet understand what  "back brushing" is.  Do you use brush first and then follow with roller?  


My walls are semi- rough in texture and those very forgiving.  I tried to maintain a wet edge, but it does not really matter.  I do not have a brush mark or darker lines or any of those things.  The only issue I have is to get paint in all those little pits on a wall.  I tried different roller covers, shur-line, sherwin williams brands, 3/8 or 1/2 nap and still have to go with two coats and sometimes three or even four.  Do you recommend any particular brand and nap lenght?


As for my semigloss paint, I understand you recommend to use primer to get rid of gloss?


Thank you a lot

It is really nice to have someone to guide you through all different kinds of products and all those choices!

Posted 2013-03-10T23:12:54+0000  by lovedilu




"Back brushing" is merely using your brush after rolling to knock down the roller texture. Using a roller greatly increases the speed  at which you can get a nice even coat of paint onto the surface. Speed is important by acrylic/latex paints as they set so fast. They will level themselves, but you only have a couple minutes before they start to form a film. If that film is disturbed, you will end up with heavy and permanent brush marks. Get the paint on quickly and leave it alone so that it can level itself!

Posted 2013-03-11T01:12:31+0000  by ordjen



Sorry, I missed your question as to going over semi-gloss finishes: Behr Ultra has excellent adhesion to glossy surfaces, even oil based finishes. However, it is never a bad idea to dull down the old finish with sandpaper,  washing with TSP, or by use of a deglosser.


I would caution that acrylic paints such as Ultra increase their adhesion over several days. If you scratch at the Ultra after a couple hours , it will probably scratch off. If, however, you do the same after a couple days it will not. Full cure for an acrylic can take as much as 30 days.


Although the label says you may recoat after two hours, when possible, I prefer to give at least several hours, especially if dark colors are being used. High amounts of colorant used in dark colors retard the drying/curing time. A rule of thumb is to allow one hour of dry time for every ounce of colorant in the gallon.


Good luck

Posted 2013-03-11T01:38:46+0000  by ordjen

Thank you, Ordjen!

sanding it is

Posted 2013-03-11T06:27:10+0000  by lovedilu

Just an update.

Got a Behr ultra plus paint/prime today and tried on a wall.  I was completely blown away by the great coverage paint provided!  Just one coat covered everything!  Not even one bleed appeared.  Tried to scratch it in 3 hours without avail, it just won't give.  Love it, love it, love it!!!

PS I did not even sand walls, since all I was doing just to get an idea how color will behave.  Can't wait to get this room up with the rest of the house!

Posted 2013-03-12T04:20:12+0000  by lovedilu
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