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cordless impact tools, DeWalt or Makita?

I've been wanting cordless impact tools for a while.  I have been waiting for the holiday sales and that should be soon.  My dilemma is Makita offers impact wrenches in 3/8 and 1/2 and DeWalt's are drivers, providing downward force on the fastener.  DeWalt tools have served me well for 12 years and if the downward force isn't going to cause me a problem when using the tool for un-fastening / loosening things, then I think I will stay with DeWalt.  Otherwise I might consider Makita.


I would normally ask the local HD store sales people, but they do not stock the larger impact tools in either brand at the 6 stores closest to me.  I guess they're not that common.  So I am hoping to get some recommendations here -- will the impact drivers be fine for me?  My use is kind of a mix of DIY automotive and around-the-house stuff.



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Posted 2012-11-02T01:22:05+0000  by jeffsw6 jeffsw6

I have an electric impact wrench that I have for automotive use, and use my lithium 18volt impact drill and driver kit for projects. I also have a makita 12volt impact and drill kit that H.D sold for $99.00. that is also great for small project arounf the house and jobsite.  At one time HD did sell a battery operated Dewalt impact wrench at he store level but It might be an online thing only.  Suggestion is to see if you can rent an impact wrench to see if you like it beore you spend the money.  Im afraid if you use impact drivers you might snap something with those tools

Posted 2012-11-02T03:13:11+0000  by icsbill
Please restock the $99 makita pkg before the sale ends......
Posted 2012-11-25T05:25:55+0000  by fallen
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