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countertops for rental



Looking for recommendations on replacing countertops in a condo that will be rented out (it is a ski condo that is rented out nightly).  Trying to decide between laminate or quartz/granite. Is it worth it to spend the extra money??


Thanks :smileyhappy:

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Posted 2012-05-09T21:12:49+0000  by seastar seastar

Hello seastar and thank you for joining The Community!  We are glad that you are here. 


There are so many options available for each of your countertop choices: laminate, quartz, and granite.  Solid surface may also be a great choice for your rental property.  I have a number of customers who have rental properties so I have some suggestions for you.


Ct Guide.jpg

Factors to Consider

How often do your renters use the kitchen for cooking or entertaining?


Does your Home Owner’s Association provide guidance on what you install? Have you spoken to your real estate agent to find out what is the norm for the neighborhood?  I have several customers who have properties in a “granite neighborhood,” so they chose granite to keep aligned with their neighborhood expectations (and possible later resale).


Look at your budget for this project.  Once the countertop is selected, you will need to replace the sink, faucet, backsplash, disposer, and possibly other appliances.  There is more information available in the How to Buy the Right Countertop Guide that is available online or at your local Home Depot store. 


Depending upon what is in your kitchen and your area (layout, appliances, code issues), you may need additional electrical and plumbing services.  Your Kitchen Designer can discuss these issues with you regarding your specific project. 


Countertop Surfaces

Our Countertop Materials Buying Guide details each of our countertop selections and has provides benefits and ideas for each.  Do not assume that one countertop surface is automatically more expensive than another.  Each of our countertop surfaces has price ranges.  For example, an economical granite choice may be priced comparably or even below a high-end laminate with designer edge treatment.



Granite is stain-resistant and is impervious to heat, fading, and scratching. It is very hard and durable, however seams may be visible.  Granite at The Home Depot has a 15-year limited warranty.



Quartz (Silestone) is dense and absolutely nonporous, so it never needs sealing or polishing.  It is extremely hard and durable and quartz resists stains, scratches, scorching, and bacteria.  Seams are visible.  Quartz at The Home Depot has a 15-year limited warranty.



Laminate is affordable, has easy care, and is available in more than 250 contemporary colors and patterns.  Some laminates look like granite or even wood tops!   Laminate is a great option if you like to update your kitchen every few years.  The surface can be damaged by knives and hot pans; it cannot be repaired if scratched, dented, burned, or stained.


Get an Estimate

To get started, your Kitchen Designer at the local Home Depot store can create an estimate for you using your initial measurements – be sure to bring those to the store.  Check out our How to Measure a Countertop video for details on what and how to measure.   Use this Countertop Project Estimation Worksheet to draw your existing countertop.



Best wishes with your project!


Posted 2012-05-10T13:51:02+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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