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cutting laminate counter top

We would like to replace our counters with the 'Valencia Milano Rosso Laminate Counter top', however we are concerned about cutting the edges to fit the cabinets as well as cutting the sink hole.  Any advice on how to complete this without chipping the laminate?  I asked a representative at Home Depot if they would cut it for us but they don't do that there.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Posted 2010-10-27T13:46:03+0000  by michemitsu michemitsu

Hey Michemitsu,

Awesome choice of countertop! Cutting any counter top isn’t easy and requires a good saw blade and some patience. I would use a circular saw with a fined toothed plywood blade to make the length cuts on the countertop. When cutting the countertop chipping the laminate is your main concern besides making a straight line. A helpful hint to prevent chipping is to put masking tape over the line you are cutting. Also make your cuts on the good side of the countertop, which means the teeth of the saw enter the face of the laminate.


Here is a step by step for cutting in your sink! CLICK HERE


Let me know how it goes and if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask. OH! And take lots of pictures of the project. Have fun! –Gregg


Here’s a link that might help with installing the countertop. CLICK HERE

Posted 2010-10-27T15:01:10+0000  by gotogregg

Hight tooth count blade on circular saw.....Blue tape on the laminate and mark you line to be cut on the blue tape helps the blade from chipping out laminate on edge......Find a sacrificial peice to test on, perhaps from the sink hole..........


sink hole.,.....Get a good get what you pay for and Bosch is the best....and use a "downstroke" blade of medium to high tooth count.....Upstroke blade will always chip out the laminate.


The bosch jigsaw actually blows the dust of your line .as you cut. and very stable......Always let the saws do the work don't force them especially on corners or radius with the jigsaw.....light pressure and slow speed.

Posted 2011-01-05T17:31:59+0000  by mahargbk
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