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difference between acid stain and etching stain?

I've started a DIY project of concrete countertops.  I'm planning on ordering some Eagle brand concrete acid stain from HD (not carried in any of my local stores).   My wife was online browsing different colors, and came across a product from Lowes made by Valspar, but it's called Etching Stain.  The description seems to be almost the same as the acid stain from HD.  I've also tried to google the difference between the two, and cannot seem to find a definitive answer, as the two terms "acid" and "etching" seem to be used together often.  My question:


Is there a difference between concrete acid stain versus etching stain?



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Posted 2013-09-28T14:56:15+0000  by novia23 novia23



Having read the customer reviews of the Lowes "etching" stain, it sounds like normal acid stain to me, complete with the final neutralizing with baking soda., the give a way that it is actually acid based.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-09-28T20:36:31+0000  by ordjen
Hi Novia23!

Ordjen is so right!

Acid and etch are words that always go together.

The unspoken word in projects like this is SAFETY!

Because you'll be working with acid strong enough etch cement, be certain to wear rubber muck boots, chemical gloves, protective clothing, and a face shield. You should also consider a fresh air mask to prevent inhaling acid fumes.

And, be very cautious not to spatter or splash the solutions ... they will destroy almost anything they touch.

In more recent iterations, water-based concrete stains have been developed as substitutes for the acid system.

You might explore Behr Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain as a safer option.

I instruct DIYers to create acid-etch look alike finishes using several colors applied one at a time from a pump-up garden sprayer.
Posted 2014-09-04T23:56:54+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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