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disconnecting light switch to socket

I am trying to find out how difficult it is to disconnect a setup where the light switch controls a socket.  I would rather put in an overhead fan/light combo.  Any tips on how to do this?  Should i be contacting an electrician instead?

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Posted 2011-06-27T15:32:04+0000  by MrFixitTrainee MrFixitTrainee

Hi there MrFixitTrainee and welcome to the community.


How difficult is to setup a new fan/light combo depends on the ceiling box set up that you have right now.

To install a new fan light combo you would need to have a ceiling box that is designed to support the weight of the ceiling fan.

These are some of the boxes that are used for the support;

fan support5.jpegfan support4.jpgfan support3.jpgfan support2.jpgfan support1.jpgbox 1.jpg

If the box you have right now it is rated for the ceiling fan fixture than all it takes is to disconnect the light socket and install a new fan. Not difficult at all.


 Keep in mind that prior to any work you need to TURN THE POWER OFF at the main panel and in addition use one of these non contact testers to  assure there is no power present during work.



Your new ceiling fan light kit will come with five wires;


Two white neutral wires two hot wires and ground (green), one hot is for the fan motor and one it’s for the light fixture.

 Refer to the INSTRUCTIONS for the hot wire colors but usually hot wires  are colored black and blue or black and white-black.

 Your ceiling box should have three wires going to the light socket; one hot one neutral and ground (bare or green).

Neutral wires from the fan would get connected to the neutral wire(s) in the box and hot wires (follow instructions) would get connected to the hot wire(s) in the box.


Also follow installations instructions on the fan bracket installation; different manufactures have different recommendations on the fan bracket installation.


Finally please take a minute and read this post from one of our experts on the community Foodieken in regards to ceiling fan support installation

Re: Ceiling fan with light install


EDIT: Also step by step Project Guide can be found HERE.


Hope this helps and again welcome to the community.






Posted 2011-06-27T17:57:46+0000  by George_HD_CHI

Thank you for replying.  Currently there is no light or fan or anythign in the ceiling.  I have a light switch that controls a socket in the wall.  Basically i can plug in a lamp and them turn it on or off using the wall switch.  i want to know how to disconnect the switch from that wall socket and have it run just a ceiling fan.

Posted 2011-06-27T22:38:03+0000  by MrFixitTrainee

I see,


Well basically you would have to run a new line from the switch or an outlet your lamp is plugged in right now. Which one specifically would you run a line from would depend on the ceiling joist location, obstacles,  shorter run and so on.


New line for the ceiling fan would be an extension of what you have set up for the outlet right now. New connection like this would require from you to understand size/type of the wire needed connections to the boxes and ceiling support box installation.


This is definitely a DIY project but it would require some intermediate knowledge. I would recommend reading one of these books with detailed instructions prior to starting this project.









Posted 2011-06-28T15:31:55+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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