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dishwasher leaks small amount, only after it sits for a long time and is off and drained

i have a new kitchenaid dishwasher that was installed this month.

kitchenaid model # kudc10fxss5
for the first couple of weeks, it has run just fine.
this past week i noticed something odd...water running from under the dishwasher...not while it is running
i took off the kick plate and there is a slow drip coming from underneath, on the back end of the circular part of the dishwasher underneath.
it doesnt drip while it is running
it doesnt drip while it is draining
it doesnt drip while it is drying
actually it only seems to drip after i open the dishwasher to put the dishes away.  doesnt matter if it is immediately after it is done drying.  it happens within minutes of whenever i open it to empty it.
i ran the dishwasher yesterday at 4pm.  i checked underneath all yesterday and this morning.  at 10 am today i decided to empty the dishwasher.  i unload the top rack and then look underneath, and there is the water
its approx 1-2 tablespoons of water, varying.
any thoughts as to what it could be?

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Posted 2012-12-29T16:07:11+0000  by akarpiak akarpiak

, I am going to  give you a great website Repair have your make and model and go do some studying. It could be a bad O ring washer or a connection to the water inlet v/v/ or the drain hose. Just do some research on taking this apart to get the access. Try to call your Brands Tech service too, there could be a defect that happens and they may be able to help. Also google your problem.

Posted 2012-12-29T20:25:04+0000  by t-p

Hi akarpiak,


From my experience newly installed dishwashers typically tend to leak at the water and the drain connection points.


First thing to check would be your water connection.


Turn the designated breaker off and look for one of these elbows located underneath the unit;

 dw elbow.jpg

Place a paper towel under it and move back and forth water supply connected to it...


See if there are any leaks...


My though is that when you open a door spring somehow catches/moves the supply hose.


If it all looks good than check the drain connection...


Drain connection is the perforated long hose next to the water supply.

Same thing; put a paper towel directly under the connection point and run a full cycle on the dishwasher.


At the same time you should also check if the unit is draining fully. There should be no water left on the bottom of it once the cycle is over.


Your kitchen drain could be clogged to where dishwasher cannot drain fast enough.


Hope this helps and dont forget to post back with the results.



Posted 2012-12-31T15:58:02+0000  by George_HD_CHI

Thanks, very helpful.

Im gonna give everything a check and run it with a paper towel under there, see if I can see where it starts.  Ill post back what I find

Posted 2012-12-31T16:50:21+0000  by akarpiak
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