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diswasher leaking

water leak under the sink when we turn on the dishwasher.  seem the water leak on the top of the dishwasher draining tube..  We replaced the dishwasher air gap and still leaking.

what's wrong?  is the draining leaking or the builder didn't install something correctly?  seems like ongoing problem because the wood under the sink and the bottom side of the cabinet between the dishwasher and sink was water damage.

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Posted 2013-10-28T19:53:02+0000  by somontha somontha

Its unlikely your dishwasher is leaking from the supply, otherwise it would leak when its not running


Is this an older dishwasher, as it could be a cracked water pump


Check the filter, as it might be clocked and allowing the machine to overflow, even with a partial blockage.


The drain hose might not have a good seal at the machine,  remove the hose, clean it and add some plumber's putty.  reinstall the hose and ensure you use a hose clamp.

Posted 2013-10-29T03:23:07+0000  by uaflyer
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