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do you need to prime before painting your walls

do you need to prime before painting or can you just paint them without the primer

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Posted 2014-01-16T15:44:58+0000  by 123redmangary 123redmangary

Hello 123redmangary!


Oil-based primer provides a seal against oil- and water-stains that prevents them from bleeding back through your paint.


Tinted primer also provides a transition from dark-to-light or light-to-dark colors.


New Drywall primer is very good for helping smooth wall repairs and new sheetrock ... repairs that might otherwise show.


In these applications, primer is a must!


However, primer may not be necessary when painting one light color over another ... traditional paints usually do this well.



Since the introduction of products containing both paint and primer, many of my customers marvel at how easy these products are to apply and how well they cover.



So, to answer your question, I would actually need to know a bit more about your project.


You might write back and describe what color is on the wall and what color you want to paint.


You might also note which room you are painting and if there are any stains on those walls.



Sheen selection is important and depends upon the traffic in the rooms you are painting.


If a child's playroom, you might use satin.


If adult traffic only, you might use flat.


So, take time to share a few more details and we will follow up with more specific answers.


Thanks for joining The Community!

Posted 2014-01-16T16:56:58+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

 I like to answer the priming question by stating "it is never wrong to prime, but sometimes it is overkill".  If your walls have had good paint jobs in the past, are well sealed and of a lower sheen, such as satin or eggshell, use of a dedicated primer might be overkill. If you  are just changing the color, you are probably just as well off going with one of the new generation 'primer and paint in one' products. They can save you both time and money. Both Glidden DUO and Behr Premium Plus are self-priming. Behr Ultra is also self-priming, but  adds stain killing attributes.


As good as the self-priming paints are, where particular problems are faced. often dedicated primers are recommended, such as those mentioned by Pat in the above post.

Posted 2014-01-16T18:14:41+0000  by ordjen
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