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does any one know any tips on making loft beds for twins?

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Posted 2011-02-23T00:23:00+0000  by ojesus ojesus

Greetings and thank you for joining us here in the community,


As a woodworker for many years I have taken on a variety of projects and used quite a few "tricks" to make the project go smoother. I will share a few thoughts that may make it go a bit easier for you;


First and foremost let me make sure that we are discussing the same thing as terms vary by region. A loft bed is descriptive of a bed that is raised and allows for the space below to be used for a desk, seating, or another use. This type of bed is quite popular in dorms, and small bedrooms as it maximizes available space. With that assumption, if doing this for twins I would surmise that you are doing this in one room and they would oppose each other in the room.


The first tip that comes to my mind would be to utilize the wall as an attachment point for supporting the frame of the bed itself. The use of the existing studs will eliminate the need for half of the framing required for a freestanding unit. Further the studs are on 16  to 24 inch centers and would likely be stronger than a traditional furniture leg as you would fasten the support in several places along the span.


The second tip would be to get ideas from many sources to get ideas from other designs and designers. I have compiled a few that you can review below;


Hope that helps and we would love to see your finished project!

Posted 2011-02-24T18:39:24+0000  by HD116
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