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dog area


 I have 5 pitbulls they have dug up their area!! now I have mud all through out my house every spring and rain during the summer!! what can I do to fix this! don't know if replanting is a option..

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Posted 2018-04-13T15:33:13+0000  by cam957 cam957

Hi cam957.


You have a challenge with 5 pit bulls and wanting a lawn as well, in the same area.  It is possible but it will also take some time as well as regular maintenance to keep grass in this area.


You will need to separate the area where you want grass and the area where your pit bulls get to romp around.  I would suggest using a pea gravel for part of the area for the dogs and keep them off the area where you want to have grass. 


Grasses that will hold up under the traffic your dogs create will need time to get established.  You may need two types of grasses such as a Bermuda grass for the warmer seasons and a Tall Fescue Kentucky31 grass for the cooler seasons.  The longer you can keep your dogs off the new grass, the better.  If you can keep them, on the pea gravel for one season, it will give your grasses a chance to get well established. 


Sod will give you a quick lawn but will take 3-6 months to establish the root system.


Re-seeding will be necessary on a regular basis to ensure a fully covered area.  If you find there is a regular wear pattern, you might consider adding a crushed granite pathway with chicken wire underneath to discourage digging.


Remember, there really, is not a guaranteed way to have a dog resistant grass, but there are some grasses as I have mentioned that will perform better than others will.  You may want to use a combination of crashed granite areas and grass to help reduce the area that can be damaged but your active pit bulls, who by the way, never seem to run out of energy!!


One way you can help your dogs release all this energy is to keep them active.  Running or long walks will help to calm them down.  Have a treadmill?  Works well if you are not able to get out for those long walks.  

Consider adding an obstacle course for your pit bulls and run them through it every day.  These energy plus dogs need 2 hours of your time every day just to keep their energy level just below excited!

Please let us know how you are doing with your grass reclamation project and do take pictures as you re-landscape this area at:


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Posted 2018-04-13T19:54:43+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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