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dont know

I have seen walls where they had put trashbags on them and painted over them and it made the wall have a unique texture look i guess you say i want to know how to do that

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Posted 2013-03-07T05:58:53+0000  by dburnham dburnham

Hello DBurnham!


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The technique you describe, attaching trash bags to the wall and painting over them, sounds unique but may be difficult to reproduce.




Plastic bags will not bond well with either glue or paint.


I would usually steer my customers off of using these materials because long-term success with these may be difficult.


If I made recommendations:


I would think spray adhesive, like contact cement, would work best to adhere the bags to the wall.


In addition, you'll want to use a primer, like Zinsser 123, as your base coat before paint.


Zinsser 123 lists vinyl and aluminum, which are similar to plastic, as media to which Z 123 will bond.


Your paint would simply go over the primer.


My customers have success with these faux techniques:



Faux Finish Using ML Precious Metals

Martha Living Faux Finishes Showing Up In Stores

Painting Faux Textured Floors




One of my customers, Emily, is an outstanding artist who uses a variety of media to make "wall hangings."


Her artwork is made of textured materials like burlap, carpet, and other fabrics.


You might consider applying your creative talents toward "wall hangings" similar to Emily's.


These will add color and texture to your room without damaging the wall or creating future repairs.

Posted 2013-03-07T14:33:43+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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