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door frame repair

My door frame is in very bad condition due to years of slamming the door as a teenager. I want to fix it for my parents, but have no idea how to begin. The frame where the hinges are is almost completely off. The hinges also easily comes off the frame. What do I do?
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Posted 2013-02-07T19:01:22+0000  by neverdidthis neverdidthis
To start stop doing it! If it's just the screws that are popping out of the door frame you can either use toothpicks and glue to repair the holes, google this for demo, or buy 3" screws that match the door hinge finish, located on door hardware isle they come in packs right next to the hinges. Using the 3" screws screw them into the hinges don't over do it because you and suck the door frame in too much which will damage the door casing (trim on wall) and you should hit the jack stud and it will hold it just fine. Just do this for all the holes, usually 3 per hinge. Hope this helps.
Posted 2013-02-08T06:41:06+0000  by jwatkins82
Yes I am definitely going to stop slamming the door!! Especially now that I can see how much work it is fixing it. The holes in the casing are definitely too big, but now that I know that that piece of wood is called the casing, that is also coming off. Do I have to install
a whole new frame or can I replace the casing by the hinge?
Posted 2013-02-08T06:51:09+0000  by neverdidthis

 Is there any way you can post a picture?  The door casing is the trim that goes between the wall and the door frame on both sides of the door; the frame or door jamb is what the hinges attach to.  From your first post it sound like it was just the screw holes on the hinge that were stripped out. 

Posted 2013-02-08T16:15:09+0000  by jwatkins82
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