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what is the easiest way to get a drain pipe underneath a cement walkway for drainage

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Posted 2013-10-06T00:52:49+0000  by good2goru2 good2goru2

Hey good2goru2.


Digging a hole on each site of the side and tunneling under like the county does to run wires under the street will not work for this. Tunneling under will ruin the footing of the walkway, forcing it to collapse down the road.


You need to go to the Tool Rental Department at your local Home Depot and rent a concrete saw. While you are there you will need to pick up some solid 4 inch drainage pipe, 3 or 4 bags of concrete and a trenching shovel.


You will need to cut a 6 inch wide trench across your walkway and dig out a trench to fit the pipe into. You will need to fill in around the pipe securely with the dirt, leaving yourself the depth of the concrete. Frame in the sidewalk with 2 -1 foot long forms on each side to hold the concrete in place and pour the concrete back into the area that you cut out. Smooth it out and you are done. This project is actually quite easy, you just get a little dirty doing it.


Let me know how it goes. If there are any other questions, feel free to hit me up here.


Concrete Saw

Concrete Saw

•  Portable saw quickly cuts concrete, brick, stone and asphalt
•  14" blade, 4-13/16" cutting depth
•  13/16" arbor
•  Large silencer / muffler
•  22 lbs


Safety Requirements: Always wear eye, ear and foot protection, and safety gloves. Vibration caution: equipment should not be used continuously for long periods. See operator's manual.

Posted 2013-10-06T16:14:44+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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