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draining water from washer

When my washer drains water it is starting to spill water all over the floor. I have clean the pipes with a snake thinking it was a pluged pipe.  when the washer drains out of the washer and goes in the drain pipe it fills up and then showers the water all over. Why? 

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Posted 2011-04-10T23:32:37+0000  by debijean debijean

Good morning, and welcome to the community.


Until we get this problem resolved…is there a utility sink next to the washer that you can divert the drain hose into? Just hang the hose over the edge and let it all flow.


You will have to put on your detectives hat for this one and do a little investigating in order for us to locate the problem.  There are so many possible causes for this somewhat common problem.


   Do you have access to the backside of the wall behind the washer? Can you see the plumbing or is it concealed within a wall?  Are any other drains in the house sluggish? If you can get a view of the piping layout, look for an “s” shaped pipe just after where the drain begins.  You can try cleaning the bottom pipe with a snake.  Also, locate the nearest access point (a cap that has a square nub on it) and try to clean out the line.




   The second most common reason for slow or backing up drains is a blocked or obstructed vent pipe.  Every drain eventually has a means to release gasses that get trapped in the line by way of these vent pipes. They extend all the way to the top of the house and out through the roof.  They are the small pipes that extend out at random places on the roof.  If these become blocked, then it may result in a slow drain.


   If you have access to the roof and feel comfortable getting up there…inspect the pipe.  Sometimes it could be something as simple as a clump of leaves or even a bird’s nest.  If nothing seems to be easily visible, then stick a garden hose down the pipe and try clearing out the line with water.


The bottom line is - that something is slowing down the flow of the drainage system and you might need to consult with a plumber who can “hands on” inspect it for you.

Posted 2011-04-11T13:14:38+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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