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dremel pet grooming tool

I was asked by the Dremel Link Committee to get some feed back on the 7300 PT Pet grooming tool and does anyone use a Dremel Rotary tool to shape their pets toe nails? I use to use the rotary tool with a sanding cone but it was difficult to handle with one hand on the aw and the on the tool. In 2009, dremel set me a grooming tool to test. I gave it to our pet groomer and she is still uses it. I don't know it was the 7300 PT. I thought dremel discontinued the project.

Anyway, I've started the discussion, please add your imput, thanks for your time.

Edit: 4/30/19  An improved model is now available. 

Dremel Pet Tool


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Posted 2011-08-21T13:07:13+0000  by carverjack carverjack

We bought our Dremel tool with the extension specifically for doing my dog's nails.  We use one of the coarse cylindrical sanding wheels.  The extension moves the noisy motor far enough away that she doesn't get scared and we can go through her nails pretty well.  We did buy that TV ad thing that runs on batteries, but it is too slow and weak to get the job done.  I'd be very interested in learn about the pet grooming tool and how it works.

Posted 2011-08-21T16:27:23+0000  by Rick_in_Irwin

My daughter works for a Veterinary Clinic, and they use a variable speed tool for dog nails.  Lower speeds are kinder on the dog's ears...high pitch frequencies bother them.

Posted 2011-08-22T14:30:04+0000  by marine101

Wow, I had no idea that they made a Dremel specifically for this purpose, how cool! A good rotary tool is such a great tool to add to your arsenal. I often have customers ask me why they should buy a Dremel. I often find that I am at a loss for words because there are so many things that these versatile little tools can do. But I have to admit this is not an application that I would have listed!


So now when customers ask what a Dremel can do, I can respond, "Everything from cutting sheet metal and wood, to polishing jewelry, heck it will even give your dog a manicure!" I love it! 


Rick_in_Irwin, I really like your idea of using the extension to keep the noisy motor away from frightened pets. 


What other obscure uses have you guys found for your Dremels?


I've cut access holes in the bottom of a Land Rover floor pan using the flex extension, when a regular pneumatic grinder wouldn't fit; to my amazement the Dremel cut that automotive steel just as well as the pneumatic tool! 


Thanks for starting this thread carverjack!



Posted 2011-08-23T19:41:20+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

The trimmer has several different size holes in the guard. Select the one that best fits your pets nail size. There are different grits for the cylinder ( like sandpaper). our guys are poodles so we use a fine grit for maintenance and the 3 foot long flex shaft attachment is a "must have".


Blake, "WeCheer" Co. makes a reciprocating tool attachment for the Dremel. I use the 3 foot long flexshaft provided by Wecheer with cutting attachment for roughing out my wood patterns prior to carving. I'm not sure they have metal cutting blades but if they do, it will get you into small places and rip out a floorboard quickly. Their site has many other reciprocatoring tools for heavy duty work. I'm a dremel kind of guy, I have every tool they make.

Posted 2011-08-24T14:43:43+0000  by carverjack

I love my Dremel also.


I use mine for carving wood, engraving: glass, leather, fake pumpkins, wax candles, aluminum.

I even strip rust from small parts that my bigger grinder wont do. Or should I say it's not safe to do with it.


I think my Dremel probably gets used more then any other tool in my shop. I actually have a couple of them and I would have to agree on the Flex-Shaft attachment being a must.


The Flex-Shaft was not available when I purchased my first Dremel but when it came out I added it.


It's a great tool to get the younger crowd involved also. I have a teenage daughter and she started using it I think when she was around 9 years old. Yes this is why I have multiple tools. She already etches glass for presents and also each year we all do a fake pumpkin with the Dremel. It great family fun and I'm sure this will be handed down for generations.


I hope this thread keeps going so all of us can learn from each other. There are so many uses for the Dremel.


Thanks for making me think about all of the fun project. :smileyvery-happy:

Posted 2011-08-24T21:17:06+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

BlakeTheDiyGuy wrote:

 heck it will even give your dog a manicure!" I love it! 

Wouldn't that be considered a PETicure? :smileysurprised:

Posted 2011-09-19T10:33:39+0000  by Paul

:smileyvery-happy: You're killin me Paul! 


That was a good one man!



Posted 2011-09-23T00:35:43+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy
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