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dryer breaker kicks off?

dryer worked fine last night.  this morning, breaker had kicked off.  would not stay on.  unplugged dryer, still would not stay on.  do i need new breaker, or new wiring?  suggestions.

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Posted 2012-11-20T18:27:16+0000  by grandma-granny grandma-granny

Hello grandma-granny.  Welcome to the Community!


Since you unplugged the dryer and the circuit breaker still trips, then the dryer is not likely the issue.


The most common failure would be that the circuit breaker is bad.


The wiring for a dryer circuit should be dedicated to that outlet only, but I suppose it is possible that something else is on that circuit which could be causing problems.


An electrician that visits your home would likely try replacing the breaker first off, unless there is something obviously strange like a burnt outlet, extra load or loose wiring leading to a different approach.


If the new breaker trips like the old one, then it would be time to start testing the wiring for short circuits with the power turned off.

With no load plugged in, there should not be continuity between either hot leg and ground.  Find the offending hot lead and then follow circuit connections until the point of short circuit is discovered.

New wiring would only be logical if what you have now is so old that the insulation is breaking down.


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Posted 2012-11-20T20:06:07+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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