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dryer vent

The house was built in the 40s and is supposed to have odd configuration of walls. What is the best way to locate a spot to install dryer vent?

If there is no good way, do those in-house vents work?


My M.I.L.'s house so I don't want to even come close to messing up

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Posted 2013-03-22T16:06:05+0000  by thetravlor thetravlor

No ideas?

Posted 2013-03-25T17:11:11+0000  by thetravlor


Hi Travlor,


I’m sure we will find a solution to it...


What do you mean by odd configuration of the walls?


Can you post a picture here of the dryer location and the walls?


Is this an electric dryer? DO NOT attempt to use indoor venting kits with gas dryers.


Indoor venting dryer kits release hot humid air during drying process…


This said they do work but you need to have your dryer well ventilated and located to where moisture and humidly are not going to be an issue.


Thank you,



Posted 2013-03-25T18:55:38+0000  by George_HD_CHI

I'm not sure about the walls. The M.I.L. claims the studs go sideways instead of up and down. Most of the walls have plaster. How do I vent the dryer safely without worrying about hitting wires or studs?

Posted 2013-03-25T19:23:49+0000  by thetravlor

She's referring to  lath strips.


Plaster is held in place by thin wood strips that are nailed sideways onto the vertical wall studs every 3/8" of an inch or so.

Studs holding up the strips are vertical and spaced about 16" inches apart...if you take a look at the baseboards and the nail pattern you should  be able to determine the position and spacing of the vertical studs.


There's is always a chance you will run into electrical  - before you attempt drilling you need to carefully make a small opening and see what’s behind the lath strips.


What type of siding do they have on the outside?

Is this in the basement?




Posted 2013-03-25T19:53:26+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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