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easy and fastest way to remove layers of old paint from door jambs and casings

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Posted 2013-09-05T16:32:06+0000  by viv420 viv420

Hello viv420!


Easiest and fastest ... most likely Klean Strip Paint Stripper.


The only thing not easy is the prep and clean up, but he process itself couldn't be easier.


Simply brush or spray on, allow 15- to 30-minutes depending upon which stripper you choose.


Use 000 steel wool and a paint scraper to remove.


Klean Strip After Wash to neutralize the chemicals.


And, you're ready to refinish.



A palm sander would actually be safer, but most people consider sanding more difficult.

Posted 2013-09-05T16:46:46+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

 Frankly, If you are reasonably good with your hands and have a power miter saw, it is often easier to change the casings rather than strip the old. Stripping takes time , makes a bit of a mess and uses up considerable stripping supplies,  i.e. stripper, steel wool, rinsing agent such as lacquer thinner, etc.


Door casing sets can be had quite reasonably, especially painted. Wood to be stained is more expensive than finger jointed wood or pre-primed particle board  casings.

Posted 2013-09-06T19:24:26+0000  by ordjen
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