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embossed accent molding

I have some accent molding from HD that has a leaf / vine pattern that has been press embossed into the surface. I would like to paint the wood with a light colored latex and then have the embossed pattern a darker shade so that it is still clearly visible. Can you advise me on how to accomplish that?


Thank you.


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Posted 2013-08-29T15:54:10+0000  by lthoneycutt lthoneycutt




I would suggest you use a glaze for the color to be caught in the indented pattern. A glaze is made by mixing 1 part of a darker color into four parts of glazing liquid. Glaze allows the transparency to permit the underlying color to show through, yet highlight textures in the surface.  It can be brushed on and then lightly wiped off, or simply brushed on and left. The glaze will get caught in the groves and appear much darker.


Another alternative would be to paint the moldings , and then wipe with a penetrating oil wood stain. Again, the pigments of the stain will get stuck in the groves and imperfections, giving an aged look. The stain will also affect the plain paint, especially if a flat paint is used as the base coat, giving it an aged, antiqued look. fla paints are smewhat more porous than glossy paints and will therefore absorb some of the stain.


Hope this is helpful.

Posted 2013-08-29T16:26:49+0000  by ordjen
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