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exterior metal doors

I need to paint a few metal exterior doors on my house. what type of paint  and or primer would i use?

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Posted 2011-05-05T16:51:46+0000  by empresstoryave empresstoryave

Absolutely Linda,


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Can't wait to see your "Horse Barn" trailer.

Posted 2012-05-31T13:32:11+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

In the Netherlands, doors are often very, very glossy - looking almost as if they are epoxied.  I would like to have that finish on a metal door.  Can you suggest how to do that?

Posted 2012-08-25T12:03:27+0000  by facilitymanager

Hello FacilityManager!


Thanks for the great question!


Your specifications include: exterior application, glossy finish, and metal surface.


Glidden Trim and Door.jpg  Glidden Trim and Door will meet all of your requirements.


This oil-based gel paint will not drip, finishes as a durable, high-gloss finish, and is manufactured for use on exterior metal surfaces.


Currently, Trim and Door is available in eight pre-mixed colors: Bright White, Deepest Black, Classic Red, Traditional Brown, National Red, Rich Navy, Antique White, and Linen Canvas.


According to Glidden, one quart typically covers two doors.


Clean up requires mineral spirits.


NOTE: I have used this product on wooden cabinet doors (it is also rated for interior use). The gel paint went on very thick, would not drip even with the can upside down, and the cabinets finished with a very slick, high-gloss sheen that was perfectly smooth to the touch.


Posted 2012-08-28T13:56:24+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

How long should I wait in between coats of paint?

Posted 2012-09-01T17:05:55+0000  by Traceyann14




It is a good idea to follow the advce given on the can. However, generally latex/acrylic paints can be recoated in the 1 to 2 hour range. Oil paints in the 4 to 5 hour range.


Factors wich slow the drying and recoat time are cool temperatures, high humidity and saturated colors with large amounts of tint in them. If one or more of these factors apply, lengthen the time.


Hope this is helpful

Posted 2012-09-01T19:56:44+0000  by ordjen

Thanks Ordjen for picking up TraceyAnn's question!


I've been away for several days ... it's great knowing that you're there to give both helpful answers and accurate product detail.


You're a great asset to The Community!

Posted 2012-09-04T13:48:58+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hi Gregg,

I am interested in doing the faux wood on a metal front door as you suggested in your post.  What do I need and how do I do that?


Posted 2012-09-23T19:33:48+0000  by kuhlcrew

Hello KuhlCrew!


Thanks for the great question!


When the word faux rises into conversation, most people immediately think about a mixture of faux glaze and paint applied over a satin or semi-gloss base-coat.


If the project is inside the home, these products are fine. However, most faux glazes are not intended for exterior use ... as your project demands.


Try This:


1) Choose your color from a real-wood example of stain;

2) Look carefully at two colors: the darker grain color and the lighter body color;

3) Follow the earlier directions in this thread to prime and paint your door the lighter body color from the sample; and

4) Use Gel-Stain and a stiff nylon bristle brush to streak the darker grain color over the lighter.



Gel Stain is an exterior product that is very thick and can be "stretched" to create faux wood grain.


If you choose, apply Spar Urethane ... and exterior clear coat to protect the finish.


NOTE: Oil-based, exterior products would be best for your entire "metal door" project.

Posted 2012-09-27T12:45:04+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
That sounds interesting!
Posted 2016-07-09T10:14:49+0000  by RyanWaters
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