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exterior recessed iighting

Are there special fixtures for exterior applications of recessed lighting?  I want to replace an old fixture on my front porch.  It's protected from rain.  Any recommendations?  

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Posted 2011-04-14T01:46:55+0000  by shanl shanl

Hi Shanl : welcome to the community, I call myself elect_answers here my name is Ralph . I work at a Depot in the burbs of Chicago. The best solution would be a Halo H7 ICAT 6" can light being IC=insulation contact mean you could bury it 24" deep in insulation. The A = air tight meaning almost no place for things like moisture or bugs can get to mess with your life. The T= thermal protection to make it hard to over heat the unit and have a problem, like problems from over heating from using too much of , or just planning the wrong bulb! 

  This item is sold as a new construction, or a remodel product, depending on your circumstances. Like can you get to the structural stuff in your world to nail it in, or on. Or do you need to use remodel type " can". The electrical / lighting people can show you more if you have more detailed questions! 

  Halo sells a trim , model # 30WATH. It is a white sealed weather resistant type trim, which should provide a second layer of seal between the outside world, and your life inside.

  I do not know how much light you are looking for , or how far the ground is from the fixture, or how much exposure the finished product will have from the elements. I have heard very few complaints from people who use the Phillips energy saving BR30 lamp that is rated as a 40 watt lamp yielding 65 watts of light. Yes, I know it is often seen as " an indoor only " lamp. The possible exception to the rule here that makes this exception work is that there is only the bottom 1/2" of the lamp exposed to the elements. So if it is in a inset type of entry this lamp will likely work give a good quantity of with a good life span, color over it's life, and not eat up a lots of watts, and will work with any dimmer or motion sensor should you choose to include one in the project. Its # 's are as follows :  Model # SL-5716-WH , Internet # 100654980 &

Store SKU # 745407 it would be wired in between the power switch and the light . It will allow the light to turn on automatically after dark when it sees motion. Animals can set it off so it will take some adjustment to fit your situation if you add this item.  The convenience and potential savings made it worth the $20.00 some dollars I spent when I added a recessed light to the entry at my house. 

  Should you want more light, or want to use a PAR (parabolic aluminized reflector  lamp the ones with the heavy

glass, and 70 plus facets to the reflector). I would recommend the Phillips : Model # 221200, Store SKU # 277842 it will be more money up front than some choices, it will use less energy, it will also likely last longer than a standard 90 watt similar lamp.

   Hope this has given you enough information for an informed decision.  As I always try to remind any / every one ,      " holler if you need help, I won't see smoke signals from here in the burbs".    Ralph 

Posted 2011-04-14T04:16:17+0000  by elect_answers

Hey shanl,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community.


Elect_answers has given you some great and detailed information regarding putting a fixture for recessed lighting. If I may I would like to add that doing a water-rated recessed trim for your recessed lighting is always a great option alongide the air-tite rated fixtures  that elect_answers has given. 6" wide cans are the most popular but there are also smaller versions of 5" and 4" as well. The trim I mentioned is one we sell at our store, it provides a water-tight seal and is strong enough for a shower so its good enough for outside! Plus, the gasket inside the trim helps out keeping the bugs out, although you could run a small bead of silicone caulk outside the trim so as to give additional sealing. You would have to cut the sealant to replace the light bulb each time and the housing would have to be IC rated like elect_answers stated, so be mindful of that. Below is a picture of the trim I was referring to, notice the glass in the middle to ensure no moisture gets into the fixture or light bulb.


This particular model is available through special order but come in the store, as we have plenty of selections and knowledgeable associates to get the right exterior lights for your front porch.


Hope this helps you out,


Posted 2011-04-14T20:29:46+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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