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extra-large melamine board in black

I'm planning to cut melamine to size for a custom desk.  (I need just the right size for a tight space.)

Item 461877 ("3/4 x 49 x 97 S11 White Thermally-fused Melamine") looks nearly perfect -- ample size (49x97), appropriate strength, positive review from someone who has used this in similar applications.


One issue: I'm looking for black.  Most Home Depot melamine boards seem to be available both in white and black, but I can't find this size in black.  Any search experts know if such a product is in fact available?  Model number / store SKU?


Given the item size, I have to arrange a special vehicle for this project -- so it's great to be able to order online and know it will be waiting for me.  Hence the special need to make sure my local Home Depot really carries this.


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Posted 2013-08-28T05:20:00+0000  by bedelman bedelman

I'd still like to get in black, or something similar.  Since Home Depot seems to carry every other melamine board in both black and white, I was hoping this would be doable.


My local Home Depot suggested an online special order... but if I can't find the item on, I don't know how to do that???


Any final suggestions?  I can proceed to a full lumber yard or some other vendor -- don't quite know the  options in my area.  Would sure be easier to get this from Home Depot if that's possible.  A special order would be perfect but I don't immediately see a way to do that.

Posted 2013-10-03T14:00:51+0000  by bedelman
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