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fence posts

Hi, I am repairing/replacing sections of my wooden fence in my backyard.  Over 20 years ago, my dad and I installed the fence posts into concrete.  (I hated that post hole digger!) :smileymad: Part of one of the fence post has broken off leaving a stump in the ground.  How do I go about replacing that post?  Do I cut it down to ground level and install a new post near it?  I have about 3 sections to replace/repair.  Should I try to re-use some of the wood from the sections that have fallen and been sitting in the sun? Thank you for your help!

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Posted 2013-04-26T17:52:04+0000  by Beach_Girl Beach_Girl

I even found a video for you.

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Posted 2013-04-26T18:54:35+0000  by jwatkins82

I always pull the concrete out of the ground, I dont waste my time digging it out, thats way too much work.(Mind over matter)  What I do is dig down a couple inches around the concrete and using a tow chain make a chocker around the concrete with the chain and using a hi-lift jack (you know the ones you see on the back jeeps just below the "its a jeep thing" stupid sticker) I wrap the rest of the chain around the jack, helps to have the ground a little wet.  Then just start using the jack, as it gets tension on it, it will want to pull the jack forward; just pull back on it (may need a helper, may also need a block on the jack foot), then jack it up more and pull back and just keep doing that until its out.  Once its out of the ground just set new post, fill with concrete and your done, no digging new hole. Easy little trick I learned from my pops.  Or you can take the time to dig a new hole next to it, up to you.

Posted 2013-04-26T18:52:53+0000  by jwatkins82

THANKS! I should be able to do this!

Posted 2013-04-26T19:43:56+0000  by Beach_Girl

If it's not a HUGE fence you can avoid the concrete situation by using post spikes - most timber posts slot right into them, and then spike into the ground. Saves needing the post digger in future! 



Posted 2013-09-27T12:42:45+0000  by arthurthesolo
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