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finishing cement board for tiling a shower

I am remodeling my bathroom. I have already installed the cement board for the shower. I have seen that I need to use thin-set and tape for cement board. My question is, do I need to let the thin-set dry before tiling or can I go ahead and start tiling? I have read in a couple of places that have contradicting answers. Some say I need to let it dry before tiling and some say I do not have to let it dry and can start tiling after it is taped and thin-setted.

Also, I am installing subway tiles on the walls of my shower, what size trowel should I use? Again I have been getting contradicting on that too. I just want to do it right, instead of having to redo it if anything goes wrong.

Thank you
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Posted 2017-10-22T01:20:58+0000  by jkloben jkloben
Hey jkloben.

It does not really matter much if you let it dry before you start tiling or not but I would recommend letting it dry, as it does not take long for it to dry.

Take a look at the video on its home page here.

Click on the video on the left side of the screen that looks like the image below.

Posted 2017-10-22T13:59:55+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Hey jkloben,

I just wanted to add that you would need a V-notch rated trowel rated for wall tile installation for your subway tiles.

Any pro tile installer will tell you to use a V-notch for wall applications since it has a low profile and successfully will bond the mastic/mortar to the tile. A version of it is shown below and are available at your local Home Depot's tile aisle. 

QEP 1/4 in. x 3/16 in. V-Notch Pro Trowel with Wood Handle
Posted 2017-10-23T16:00:58+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
Thank you both. You have been very informative.  Another question, Will the thin set be alright if I have it in a bucket with a lid on it?  I couldn't find anything on the package as to being able to mix only small amount, only the whole bag.
Posted 2017-10-23T21:24:06+0000  by jkloben

You are very welcome.

ONLY mix the thin-mortar that comes in bags at a rate that you can use in that day's project. 

Thin-set that begins as a powder immediately goes through a chemical reaction once it's mixed with water. Not a lid, heat, or cold temperatures can stop its curing once it has been mixed.

So, be sure to use only the amount you need for the job then and there, and never the whole bag. This saves you time and money so you don't have so much waste. 

Posted 2017-10-23T22:48:39+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
I was afraid you were gonna say that. Thanks
Posted 2017-10-24T23:12:32+0000  by jkloben
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