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finishing new Baltic birch plywood

Purchased  Knock Down Plywood Work Table (Baltic birch). Do not want to stain or paint it, but need to establish a surface that can "take a beating". Would you recommend some kind of varnish/polyurethane, etc. and would I have to seal it before applying varnish or whatever? Please be specific as to what products to use and how to use them.

Many thanks for your help.

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Posted 2013-08-02T15:36:15+0000  by Nan Nan



You can just give it several coats of a urethane finish. The oil urethanes do have a slight amber tone to them. the water based urethanes dry crystal clear. However, if you do not put a stain on the birch, it will eventually darken and redden somewhat until it reaches equilibrium, even under the urethane.


Both WB and oil urethanes are self priming. After the first coat has dried, give it a light sanding with fine 200 grit sandpaper, then wipe the dust off. You will want to give at least two more coats of urethane to build up the protective coat. If you want a super smooth surface, you might prime with Minwax Universal Sanding Sealer, which is also water based. It will sand very nicely, leaving a very smooth surface for the following urethanes coats


Hope this has helped

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Posted 2013-08-02T21:16:15+0000  by ordjen

Dear Ordjen,


Many thanks for your prompt and expert reply which will help me finish this item without errors and with wonderful results.



Posted 2013-08-03T12:25:07+0000  by Nan
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