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fixing lazy suzan corner cabinet

I have the American Classics Kitchen Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet (Fits in 36 In. x 36 In. Wall Area) in Satin White. Something broke on the bottom so the door got jammed and wouldn't close/spin.  I took the door off, fixed the bottom (underneath the bottom shelf) and now I can't get the door back on.  Does anyone have advice about how to get this door back on?  I can't get the screws lined up correctly with the holes in the door. 


Here is a link to the cabinet I'm referring to:


Thank you for your help and insights!

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Posted 2010-11-24T23:48:34+0000  by anightingale73 anightingale73

im not quit sure on the asembly aspect, but could you use cardboard to help prop the door.(to be an "extra hand" in putting the hardware on?)

Posted 2010-11-26T13:38:37+0000  by crowns2020

I would probably go back to where I bought the cabinet and see how the hingeswork on a display cabinet. If they have the hinges that I think are on the cabinet. the hinges are two piece hinges and they snap together.

Posted 2010-11-26T23:24:20+0000  by highinspect

Hey anightingale73.


Glad to hear that the lazy Susan aspect has been fixed, now lets see if we can get you back to using the door.


Sometimes, one of the hinges might bend a little as it is being removed - due to the weight of the double doors. If that is the case then you might need to replace that hinge. Remove it completely and take it into our hardware expert who will assist you in locating the right hinge.


If the hinge seems fine, then you might have to try a couple of different things to make this work. First, try and get some assistance from another person to steady the door until you are able to locate the holes. Another possibility would be to try removing the two hinges from the door (cabinet side), attach them to the base, and then reattach the door. Both these different ways reduce the amount  of strain put on the hinges while you reinstall them.


One more thing as well... with all this stress and strain on the screw hole you might find that the screws no longer fit "snug". Try getting some screws that are a little longer.


In my opinion, the Lazy Susan is the hardest working cabinet in the kitchen. Go figure.:smileyvery-happy:


Posted 2010-11-28T19:48:45+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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