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fixing roof on mobile home

im trying to reroof a mobile home  i was thinking of using GAF Liberty Sbs self-adhearing cap sheet what would  you recomend to go under that

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Posted 2013-03-08T18:56:58+0000  by richardsawyer57 richardsawyer57

Hi Rich,


For the base, under Liberty, you’re going to need something called MA LIBERY BASE SHEET.






MA (mechanically attached) Liberty base sheet is specifically designed for the LIBERTY self-adh system. This product is coated with special polymer –modified asphalt to improve and assure a good bond of the peel and stick adhesive that is used with the Liberty roofing.


Base should be installed in the same fashion you would install your roofing.


Start from the low end  and work your way up…overlap the sheets and nail down 8”-10” inches apart on the red “nail” line that’s indicated on the base sheet.


To avoid ridges aka high points you should start with the half sheet of the base so that you don’t end up with something we call “joint on joint”.


All of the flashing details - corners, wall terminations etc. should be additionally adhered with Matrix 201 flashing cement.


FYR Here’s the installation manual for the LIBERY Self Adhering Roofing


And here’s the link to the recommended Base Sheet.;

We may need to special order some of these products for you. Liberty is also used as an underlayment in some commercial applications which is the primary reason we carry it in stock.


To get the full warranty you need to use all of the recommended products and install the roofing according to the installation manual.


I would also suggest looking into the EPDM roofing.EPDM roofing is normally used in commercial applications and is available in large seamless sheets. For example you can get a 15’x25’ or 10’ x50’ roll which would leave you with no seams or very few depending on the size of your roof.


Here’s an example of the mobile home EPDM install:








Posted 2013-03-11T15:54:53+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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