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How to get rid of floor squeaking in an old tounge and groove fwood floor?

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Posted 2012-02-07T04:05:43+0000  by t-y t-y

Greetings t-y,


Squeaky floors can be a frustration certainly, and a downright nightmare when the ceiling below is finished or inaccessible. This makes getting to the joists and subfloor difficult or creating an even bigger project. Well fortunately, I have good news!


My name is Tom, also known here as HD116. As a contractor who has had to deal will fixing squeaky floors in the past, I am very pleased to introduce one of my all-time favorite products. It is called the Counter-Snap Hardwood Floor Squeak Elimination Kit, and it is awesome!


One of our community experts, aboveaveragejoe, did a fabulous post on the Counter Snap kit that can be found here.


The Counter Snap kit comes with the special fixture, a #2 recessed head sure drive driver bit, instructions and 30 specially designed 3" screws. It is available at Home and is Internet #100662994. You can order it by clicking here


The ease of use makes this system one of the most innovative I have seen. For hardwood applications, a pilot hole is preferable, and a 7/64" or 1/8" bit can be used. You then place the 3" screw that is provided into the fixture and guide it into the pilot hole. The 3" screw will break off right where it is scored, joining the flooring and subfloor to the joist by the remaining 2" of threaded screw. Further, the screw will break 1/8" below the floors surface and it now appears to be a countersunk finishing nail.   


Thank you for your question and for being one of our communities newest members. This is a remarkable product that I am sure will resolve your problem, and affordably!


Hope that helps.


Posted 2012-02-07T19:15:59+0000  by HD116

Agree with above post, he really expose his idea very well. I really appreciate to him about htis, I also got very nice information from above post. Thanks man.

Posted 2012-02-10T16:00:49+0000  by joyee
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