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formica on the kitchen wall, took off & black "glue" behind. How do we remove it safely?


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Posted 2013-11-07T18:36:47+0000  by LillyandHarry LillyandHarry

Hello Lilly and Harry!


First, thanks for the photo ... a picture really is worth a thousand words!


The adhesive on your wall could be removed with an adhesive stripper, however you distinctly said "safely."


So, rather than launch into chemical warfare with this adhesive, why don't you use medium grit sandpaper ... let's say 100-grit on a mouse sander.


Tape plastic to the lower edge of the wall and wear eye protection, dust mask, and gloves.


Before sanding, tape plastic over the A/C return vents and registers to prevent circulating the dust throughout your home.


Watch the wallboard for signs that you may be damaging the surface and change to a higher number paper immediately if noticed.


Your goal should be to sand as smooth as required for refinishing:


1) If painting sand very smooth using increasing number paper as you go; or

2) If tiling or covering, sand until course ridges are removed.


Unless you are going to simply paint the exposed wall, this is one of those projects the does not require perfection.


Finally, use a vacuum to collect the fine sanding dust, and then clean all adjacent surfaces with a mild household cleaner until satisfied the area is clean and free of dust.



If you have any doubt that this adhesive might contain harmful material like asbestos or mold, take time to use the appropriate test kits before beginning this repair.

Posted 2013-11-07T20:41:11+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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