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furnace filter not a tight fit

I recently bought a "generic" furnace filter from HD (16 x 25 x 4).  In the past, I always bought the Honeywell filters, but the generic one was half the price.  At $30, these things are pricey.  The Honeywell filters always fit snug, almost always wrestling the filter to take it out.  But the new generic filter slid right in.  Then I noticed that there's about 1/2" of clearance between the filter and the top of the box that it slides into.  Is that alright to have that much slop, or should it fit tighter?  I measured the generic filter from Mexico and it measures 3 1/2", not 4" like the Honeywell.  Am I getting what I paid for?  And if it's not OK, why would HD be selling them?
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Posted 2018-09-17T19:06:19+0000  by Bogeyman Bogeyman
Why do stores sell substandard products, because people buy them.  Yes, it should be a snug fit.  You want the air going through the filter, not around it.

Return the filter and buy a name brand. Yes, quality typically costs more.
Posted 2018-09-17T22:42:07+0000  by Adam444
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