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garage ceiling finishing after repair

good morning to the forum.


We have a "split"  built in 1962. Recently the toilet seal let go and released a lot of the water onto the garage ceiling below. I removed the damaged ceiling, fixed the toilet and confirmed it was dry and installed about 8 x 8 ' of new drywall and have taped and patched the seam.


The existing celing was done it ..mud?..plaster?...NOT popcorn.  It looks like  shallow stucco, mabye a 1/16, 1/8 thick.  I am looking to roughly match the original but not an invisible job. this just "mud"? smeared with a trowel?  And what do you recommend to repair?  Do I need to prime the drywall.



Thanks to all!

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Posted 2012-11-10T15:23:57+0000  by axlehop axlehop

Yes you have to prime the new sheet rock. The finish that you are talking about would have to be seen, can you upload a picture ?

Posted 2012-11-10T21:45:34+0000  by tciociola

HI Axlehop! Welcome to the community:smileyhappy:


It sounds like what you are referring to is what called a "knockdown" texture.  knockdown.JPG


Fixing this will require a couple of steps. When you are finished - it will look as if nothing ever happened up there.


First patch the effected area with any patching compound to fill in the void left by the hole.  You will want to keep it at least to the level of the existing texture.


After the patch has dried use the Homax knockdown spray.  knockdown spray.jpg



Wait a few minutes and lightly scrape the surface of the spray texture with a plastic putty knife - knocking down the surface.


After it has dried you can paint it to match the existing ceiling color. 

Posted 2012-11-11T16:14:15+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

here is a picture of the new drywall adjacent to old looks a lot like joiint compound .




1) why DO i need primer on the drywall if I am just gonna put some white goop on it..adhesion?

2) what primer do  I need?  I have  premonition that I will be in the same boat like "get some sandpaper" or "paint"

...aggghhhhh what kind?

3)ceiling pic.jpg


THANK YOU all for you assistance!!

Posted 2012-11-11T19:30:15+0000  by axlehop

OK. It looks like its just drywall mud (compound) mixed with water to thin it out enough like paint.  Then just roll your texture on with a texture roller nap - it should match fine.  You may want to build up that tape line a little bit more before rolling the texture.


texture roller.jpg


Wait until it dries to see how the color blends with the existing and then decide if you want to paint or not.

Posted 2012-11-11T19:41:55+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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