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garbage disposal

How in the heck do you fix or change out a garbage disposal? can someone please help ?

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Posted 2012-12-07T21:42:31+0000  by sdsmith1010 sdsmith1010

Hello Sdsmith1010,


Welcome to the community.


Changing out your garbage disposal is a fairly easy DIY project.




**Make sure that you unplug the disposer before you start to remove it. **


To remove the old garbage disposal unplug it from the power supply; remove the drain pipe and the dish washer drain hose. Now you can turn the retainer bracket and the unit will come off. Be careful once you turn the bracket it will fall from the sink.  Set aside.

                              Garbage disposal retainer bracket.jpg

Unscrew the mounting screws for the mounting ring and remove. Remove the drain flange and clean all of the remaining old plumbers putty from the sink.


Before you start the install…


Make sure and knock out the plug for the dishwasher drain hose if you have a dishwasher. They all come with it plugged just in case you don’t have a dishwasher.


Use a screw driver and a hammer from the outside and just hit it firmly. It may take a couple of times. Then just reach inside and remove the loose plug.


Now you’re ready to install the new garbage disposal. Follow the link to the how to project guild.


Here is a link to our Project Guild for Installing a Garbage Disposer.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.  

Posted 2012-12-07T22:49:18+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Hello again.


I was just thinking that your garbage disposer may not be bad it may only be stuck.


Here is a link to one of my previous post on how to fix a garbage disposal.


Between the two posts you should have what you need to get your kitchen back in working order.


Thanks again for joining the community.

Posted 2012-12-07T23:04:13+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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