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gas fireplace

Hi!  I just moved into a rental house and there is a gas fireplace.  It's empty except for the grate and the burner pipe.  We purchased some logs and some glowing embers from peterson, but everywhere I've looked said something about a burner pan and sand.  We don't have any of that.  can we use the glowing embers in the bottom of the fireplace or do we need something different?  Do we need to just call a fireplace person to come check it out?  Thank you for the help.

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Posted 2013-11-24T22:27:36+0000  by ac12607 ac12607

Howdy ac12607,


Welcome to The Home Depot community for starters and thanks for a question that I hear from time to time. So let's get to answering your questions regarding burner pan and sand.


First off, whenever dealing with; gas, electrical, plumbing, or building codes, it would be wise to have a licensed professional look at it for at least a bid. Why?, because if you have a gas leak, this could a safety problem.  I have heard horror stories of homes being damaged/destroyed because of work from unlicensed contractors, and the home insurance did not pay because building codes were not met. This is why a licensed contractor is always worth it and a service like is a great place to get started.


As for do you need a burner pan and sand, this is for heat distribution and hiding the gas pipe. With that in mind, I still would call the local gas company inspect my gas line before using it so no leaks are present. Safety first.


Happy Warming,

Posted 2013-11-25T23:16:18+0000  by Dave_HD_OC

Hi ac 12607,


Many fireplaces will come complete with a grate as well as an igniter to light the firewood. The gas burner is simply a convenient way to light the fire. This burner is not intended to be used with artificial logs.


Gas log sets should always be purchased as a complete set with the burner, grate, logs, installation hardware and finishing materials, such as lava rock and ember material. Only vented gas logs will use the glowing embers material. 



Gas log sets are engineered to perform as a system where all of the components will work together. If components, such as the grate and burner are changed, the set will not function as intended.


The burner for vented gas logs is a relatively flat burner that rests in a pan where it is covered by the sand, lavarock and glowing embers material to diffuse the flames and make the fire look and sound realistic when it is burning. (Vent-Free gas log sets will not use these finishing materials. Their burner systems are completely different and should never be covered by any of these materials).


Gas logs sets come complete with everything that you need for installation. The first step is to remove the existing grate and burner from your fireplace. The gas log set will then attach to the gas line that is stubbed into the fireplace.


Treat your gas logs as if they were real wood when you operate them. Make sure that your damper is fully open whenever a fire is in the fireplace. Vented Gas Log Sets produce carbon monoxide, but they produce no smoke, so bolting open your damper is recommended for safety's sake.


If Redbeacon is not available in your area, licensed heating and air professionals or plumbers are your best people to contact for gas log installation.




Posted 2013-11-26T13:51:56+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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