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gas stove igniter problem

The igniter on my stove (right rear) keeps clicking no mater where I put the knob. The stove works and the flame is fine. It clicks when the burners are off. After I clean the igniter tip, the problem stop but shift to the one in left rear. Help!


David Wu


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Posted 2013-05-31T20:01:49+0000  by myhpact myhpact

Hi David,


Each igniter has a switch to control the spark when you turn on the gas, if the switch has failed leaving the circuit open and the igniter will continue to spark.


Many stoves have the igniters wired in series, so if the switch has failed and power is going to one igniter it will go to the other igniter on the same circuit.


Electricity always travels to the closest ground, thus when you cleaned the right rear igniter eliminating the path to ground, the power traveled to the left rear.


This is what is happening in your stove.


Thus replacing the igniter switch for the right rear burner should solve your problem.


If you would like to repair it yourself go to, there you will find a complete troubleshooting and repair guide for your cooktop.



Posted 2013-06-04T21:08:14+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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