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getting shocked while installing overhead light

I'm trying to replace a ceiling fan with light combo with an overhead light fixture. there are two switches on the wall.

i had no trouble removing the fan w/light. trying to install new fixture.

i turned off the two switches per instructions. asked my dad if i had to turn off at breaker box, he said no. told me not to mess with it, he would do t himself... gonna be really pissed when he sees ive removed the fan and nothing is there now....


Instructions say to attach the green grounding wire to the exposed copper wire. (inventory list has a mounting bracket with a green grounding screw they make sure to point out but never mention again...)

i attached the green grounding wire to exposed copper. then attempted to attach the lack wires together, per instructions and received the shock of my life!

WTF?!?!? i followed tee instructions to the t. what do i do?

does the 'shock factor' have something to do with the double light switch? keeping in mind that i did have both turned off.


im scared to death to touch it again! just super glad i didnt have those **bleep** screws in my mouth like my dad always does... my teeth would be gone and most likely me!


thanks for the help!


daddys girl

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Posted 2013-06-05T04:16:07+0000  by thetrnity thetrnity

You learned a valuable lesson, turn off power at the breaker and confirm that everything is off!

Posted 2013-06-05T11:44:39+0000  by Adam444

No offense intended, but you seem to be in over your head.


You definitely didn't follow the instructions "to the t", because I'm quite sure they start with turning off the power souce. Why you would refuse to do that, especially after getting shocked once, is beyond me.


My other concern is that you mention "turning off both switches". Again, you don't understand electrical concepts because dual switch circuits work together. There is no on or off for either switch. Be careful.

Posted 2013-06-05T13:10:27+0000  by ToddB
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