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glazing kitchen cabinets

I want to glaze my kitchen cabinets to get an antiques look what type of glaze should I get. Don't know much about the glaze. Does it come in different colors
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Posted 2013-03-21T12:59:17+0000  by cdhost5 cdhost5

It's a great day in the Paint Department CDhost5!


At The Store, we once had a Decor Department stocked with wallpaper and wallpaper tools.


However, as people discovered the difficulty of removing, repairing walls, and repainting after wallpaper, the excitement over wallpaper began to wane.


Faux finishing became very popular as wallpaper wore out its welcome ... about eight to ten years ago.


Today, we are mid-stream in that movement.


And faux is a great way to change trim, cabinets, walls, and furniture.


In an earlier thread, I published a video on How To Faux Trim and Cabinets.


Click the link and take time to read through the thread.


You'll discover not only how to faux, but how to choose colors that work well together.



You can mix your own faux glaze using Behr Faux Glaze and a half-pint Behr color sample. Simply mix one-part paint with four-parts glaze and then follow the instruction in the video.

Behr Faux Glaze.jpg

Posted 2013-03-21T14:43:36+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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