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growing strawberries in container

is it hard to grow strawberries in a hanging basket. i have a large 16 in hanging basket. im just wondering if it is big enough.

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Posted 2012-04-09T20:38:38+0000  by elmeda elmeda

thank for the information

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Posted 2012-04-10T10:33:07+0000  by elmeda

Howdy Elmeda,


When growing your strawberries in a hanging baskets make sure the basket gets 6-8 hours of sunlight. 


You can get about 6-8 plants in your 16" basket if you stagger them. To acheive this I like to use "Coconut Liner" which is very easy to sideplant for maximum amount of plants.


You can either look for premium potting soil at your local Home Depot, or even create your own mixture by combining one part top soil or building sand and three parts potting soil along with your favorite fertilizer. If using sand, it should be coarse as they use for concrete and not fine like playground sand, as this allows more room for air to breathe around the plant’s roots. Strawberries usually do very well in sandy soil mixtures. 


You might be surprised at what you could use  straw for mulching, (This is why strawberries are called strawberries after all) Find the cleanest and freshest hay/straw available to you and cover the ground all around. It will help keep the soil cooler, protect against those pesky diseases and pests, and is usually pretty cost effective as well. If you do not have any access to straw in your area, another option is to use clean pine needles.

Make sure to feed your strawberries every other week with a good liquid fertilizer. I've used a fertilizer designed for tomatoes which seems to work well with strawberries also. If you can get "Ever Bearing" strawberries you can get 2 or more crops per season. Strawberries will produce runner roots and baby strawberry plants which won't amount to much, so I recommend removing these so the plant can focus it's energy on making you tasty strawberries.


Happy Gardening,



Posted 2012-04-09T23:58:48+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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