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growing watermelons

Hey DIYgirl,


Growing watermelons for the first often should i fertilize them? 







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Posted 2011-08-06T12:18:24+0000  by maidenfern maidenfern

Hello maidenfern!


I remember growing vegetables years ago, and one of my favorites was the summer fave the watermelon....



After getting your seed packet, read on the back when maturity times and be sure to stay ahead of the first frost so you can get the most out of your watermelons. It's best to start these little guys off in peat pots or indoors before they are mature enough to be planted outside, so keep that in mind. 


You've planted them, now you will need to do routine feeding and watering, as this plant requires lots of sun, fertilizer and water, but be careful not to overwater. This is where you purchase starter fertilizer to the soil during planting.


 No matter what kind of watermelon you plant, use a high nitrogen fertilizer until flowers form. Then, switch over to a high phosphorous and potassium fertilizer. Consider as well the use of liquid fertilizers and foliar feeding., which can give you exceptional results.




Happy planting!


Posted 2011-08-06T17:11:06+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Great info!  Thank you for the visual on the fertilizer...makes it so much easier to look for. 


Also, when do i know they are ripe?




Posted 2011-08-09T13:13:43+0000  by maidenfern


Howdy Maidenfern!!!


There is a few ways to help determine if the watermelon is ripe or not.  The first way would be to thumb on the watermelon and listen for the sound it makes.  An unripe watermelon will have a solid tone to it.  A ripe one will sound more hollow sound.  The next way to check would be by the color.  An unripe watermelon will have more green or greenish white bottom to it.  A ripe one will have a yellowish bottom.  The best way to check to see if your fruit is ready is to check the tendrils the little curly projections where the stem attaches to the fruit. On unripe fruits the tendrils will be green. On ripe fruits the tendrils turn dry and brown.


Also try not to pick them too soon.  They will gain most of their sweetness the last week of growth so wait until the last minute to pick them.  If you have any questions or run into any problems feel free to write back!!!  If you could post some pictures that would be great as well!

Posted 2011-08-09T19:31:04+0000  by FlyingHDsod
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