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hampton bay nickel ceiling fan w//4 spot lights & remote uc7078t

My cousin recently removed fan blades so he could paint my ceiling. after he installed blades my remote control no longer controlled the light/dimmer function. The fan speed, power & direction can still be properly controlled by my remote though. I can't locate my manual at the present time & i hv wasted so much time searching sites for new manual & or a solution or even cause regarding this issue.  I did see something about dip switch codes. I know this much after all of my research:  the correct codes are nowhere to be found, except possibly in the manual....which i can not seem to find on internet or in my manual files.  This is a viscous circle & my head really hurts.  can anyone help me? Please?  :smileysad:

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Posted 2011-08-06T15:54:17+0000  by jana5262 jana5262

Hey jana5262,


Thanks for your question, and welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear about your ceiling fan situation :smileysad:


I'm glad you did do a little research regarding your fan. If the problem is what you say it is, it very well could be the dip switches as you say,or the receiver (the part that's inside your fan that 'receives' the info from what you pushed on your remote control) is bad. Dip switches are located on the receiver as well as in your remote control above where you replace your battery.

For the simplest and easiest solution, I would recommend first to replace the remote control out with a new one. Rarely when a remote goes out it just has one function remaining, it's generally an all or nothing burn out. We sell universal replacements that are an upgrade from your current uc7078t model. It will work just like the old one, but remember to set the code the same as the old control. 



Consider as well getting a new receiver that fits into your Hampton Bay fan if the receiver included in the package above doesn't fit. To find out before heading to the store, you can partially take off the fan or light kit to see where the receiver is located. Make sure to have your power cut off before doing this though. 



As for finding what fan you have, I do remember the model and style of your fan, it just escapes me at the moment in the exact name and model. 


You will need to obtain the specific model of your fan in order for Hampton Bay to get any replacement parts.


You can find it on top of your fan, and you don't have to take the fan down in order to see it. Simply grab a ladder and use a pocket mirror to safely read the information on top of the motor housing. 


After that, ask your cousin if  he remembers seeing a receiver in the fan, if he got that far in disassembling it. The receiver in the fan should not have been tampered with, but if it was, make sure the wiring and all connections are secure to the fan. Your dip switch codes are not supposed to be changed, so make sure they match up with what was in the fan, if it was tampered with.


If this still doesn't work, you will still need to find the model ## on top of your fan, obtain that, and call Hampton Bay's replacement parts hotline. You will need to find the specific part number for your fan since each Hampton Bay model is different from the rest. I have seen older fans have receivers that simply go out due to factors such as voltage spikes to even simply overuse. Their information to call them is located below....



Good luck with whatever option you choose, and let us know if you need further assistance,


Posted 2011-08-06T17:58:23+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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Posted 2017-07-27T18:57:37+0000  by mjbjmjbj
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