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hang large acrylic mirror on cinder block wall

I would like to hang a 48'' by 96'' acrylic mirror (25 lbs) on our sub-basement cinderblock wall, as part of a project of making a small exercise studio for the kids.  I have a number of questions about the project, and could use some advice!  (1)  what brackets do I need to get to hold the mirror?  (2)  Can I just use a masonry drill bit in my standard drill to drill the holes for the wall anchors, or do I need a special drill (like a hammer drill)?  (3) can I drill right into the cinderblock, or do I have to drill into the mortar? 


I would love to hear any opinions on the subject.  Thanks, C

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Posted 2010-12-07T17:53:22+0000  by CR6956 CR6956

Greetings and welcome to our community!


I have gotten this question on more than one occasion, and have some good news for you.


I recently had a Product Knowledge (PK) overview from my regional representative from Spax fasteners, and in the overview one of their concrete fasteners was demonstrated. It was a #10 screw and only 1 1/2" long. The rep drilled a pilot hole in a 17 1/2 pound cinder block 1/2" deep. He then gave a manual phillips screwdriver to a customers daughter who was 8 - 10 years old. He asked her to turn the screwdriver 2 complete times. She did so with no effort at all. Over 3/4 of an inch of the screw was sticking out of the block. He then took a pair of channelocks and picked up the block by the screw. I was shocked.


Spax fasteners are unique in that they are truly fasteners (all others are referred to as "anchors") for concrete and cinder block applications. Even better is that they are self tapping once a pilot hole has been drilled, even in concrete! They are made of grade 5 steel one of the hardest substances on earth. The multi-material screw is rated at over 500 psi in concrete applications. Note the serrated teeth at the point of this photo;




So that is your fastener, it can go straight into the cinder block itself, and the pilot hole needs to be about 2/3rds the size of the screw you choose to use. The brackets you choose will depend on the construction of the mirror itself. I would suggest bringing a picture of the back of the mirror to your local store and see one of our hardware associates who can assist you with the proper brackets and show you the various spax fasteners for this application.


I hope that helps you and thanks again for being a part of our community here.





Posted 2010-12-07T19:02:48+0000  by HD116
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