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hanging curtains

My old curtain rods are screwed to the window frame. Is this the way they are suppose to be put up or do you hang them on the wall above the window?

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Posted 2010-12-01T18:49:57+0000  by thomsey thomsey

Hello Thomsey,

 Thanks for your question and welcome you to the Community.

Curtain rod positioning depends on a few different things. 1. The style of your window treatment. 2. The height and width of the space you’d like to cover. 3. The height of hardware used to hang the curtain on the rod, such as rings, hooks, or tabs. 4. The height that the curtain heading, if any, extends above the rod. Once you know those things you will be able to figure out what the best hanging position would be for your application.

It is acceptable to hang them either way as long as that application works for the hardware and curtains that you are hanging. Me personally I prefer hanging them to the wall so that you can get the full view out of your window. If you hang it on the casing the curtain will not push all the way to the side of the window so it actually blocks a small portion of the viewing area.

I find that when somebody wants to attach them to the casing they usually have had trouble with the brackets getting pulled out of the wall or they are using the curtains in a decorative way. As long as you use the proper wall anchors you should not have a problem with them pulling out of the wall. I hope this has answered your question. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Posted 2010-12-01T20:12:51+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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