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help on how to replace taped seams on interior walls.

Trying to repaint a room and the seam tape around the perimeter is separating. I am new to this home repair stuff. Any tips.  Do you peel it and than re-tape plus spackle or what?


Maybe I should hire an expert?



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Posted 2011-11-20T18:36:24+0000  by km km

Hello KM.   We are glad you stopped by.


Yes, there are a few tips for fixing the loose tape lines around the walls and ceilings. 


   You might already know this, but everywhere a panel of drywall meets another – joint tape is required to bridge those seams.  Most tape has a bed of compound that it is pressed into and then a “skim” coat is added over that.  If the walls move (due to settling) or the tape was not bedded enough then those areas can separate and peel away.  Fixing them is as easy as re-applying compound to the problem areas.


   Gently slide a patching knife into the opened tape section and open up the space just enough to press some compound in.  Use the wide end of the knife to squeeze the compound inside the opened lines and then press down with the knife (laying down the tape).  Now apply more compound over the top and smooth out with the patching knife.


                                                                    patching knife.jpg

   If you feel that a large amount of tape has fallen away, then you may need to pull out as much as is loose and remove.  Now apply a self-sticking mesh drywall joint tape over the exposed seam and skim over the top.  You may need to apply an additional coat over the patch after it has dried to ensure a smooth finish.   Sand when dry and prime the raw areas with a quality primer.




Hope this helps.

Posted 2011-11-21T13:45:19+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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